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By Steve Cooper

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Never Mind the Bee S#arps seeks to demystify the language and concepts of traditional music theory using an informal, good humoured approach and is an ideal text for all those musicians who learn 'by ear'. The book establishes a clear, step-by-step guide through the fundamentals of pitch, intervals, chords, keys, progressions, transpositions and modulations to explain why we talk about and notate music the way we do. Whether you are new to music theory or already have some prior knowledge, this book will help you to develop a more complete understanding of the 'dots' and the links between theory and practice.

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Songs For The Deaf

For both passionate guitarists and "Stoners" alike this book is perfect. It manages to encompass the dark, dingy, tuned down voicings brilliantly, giving the impression of a much more realistic TAB than many other books. Worth every penny... (Amazon Review)


Highly Evolved

This tab book is a must for all aspiring Vines fans, as well as those wanting to learn good songs that sound great and are within the grasp of the average guitarist. The popular songs such as 'Outtathaway' and 'Mary Jane' are a delight to learn and even the tougher ones will soon become a joy to play. a brilliant tab book to accompany a classic album ! (Amazon Review)




The Clash Complete

This book contains all of their popular songs very easy to follow. A great buy. (Amazon Review)

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