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Making Memories and Album Update

Hi everyone. I've just wrapped up the Making Memories tour 2017, with Jane McDonald, and it was another superb run of of shows with packed houses all over the UK. 

Jane's brand new album 'Hold The Covers Back' is set for release on November 3rd. A pre-sale has already started, see below. I have co-written two songs on the album and played guitar on all tracks - I got a nice mention on This Morning as well! Jane is currently promoting the second season of her 'Cruising' show for Channel 5, which has been a huge success. In each episode she always sings a song to close the show and I have recorded guitar for each episode. 

Jane McDonald heads back to her cruise ship roots

She's the undisputed queen of the seas and now our favourite singing Yorkshire lass is back with a brand new series of Cruising with Jane McDonald. She's on the sofa to tell us all about travelling the world, what really goes on below deck, and how she might just have a return to the charts up her sleeve!

In other Channel 5 related news, I will be appearing along with the band on her new show for Channel 5, 'Jane & Friends' to be broadcast in early 2018. It is a music/ chat show with some great music and guests. More details to follow soon.